Who I am.

Love unconditionally it means I might love you even if you don’t give a rat’s a _ _ about me is irrelevant. I was raised in foster homes I’ve had many losses. If it were not for the really bad things in my life, I wouldn’t know how good it really is. I choose to count my blessings and what I am today as a result them. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, made quite a few mistakes but we’ve learn the best things from our worst screw-ups. No one can change the past, all we can do is be the best we can be today. Yes I have issues, if you’re breathing you’ve had issues, we all do! The trick is to have learnt from your past mistakes and move forward. Those that have chosen not to be in your life, is thier option and I learned to respect that.I had a favorite Uncle Bill Handley now deceased ,who used to tell me happiness really is my choice! I can be happy without those people you grieve for that are still alive, OR you can continue on and Decide to be happy without them. I liked his 2nd option better therefore that’s how I live. I am a firm believer that if you love someone tell them today! Because Tomorrow Never Comes to all of us one day. I don’t want to leave this world without those people that I love you, regardless of how they feel about me, to tell them that I love them whether they believe it or not is not my problem, But ultimately there’s. So live and love in the moment ,because happiness is only moments here or there. I have been very blessed to have lived in those all too precious moments. Forgive easily, but never forget or you are doomed to repeat the same mistakes again and again. Of course this is just my humble opinion and everyone knows what they say about opinions.LOL.I have changed a lot in 15 years of being widowed. There are some who dislike me more, some loved me more. I can’t change the past only try to become a better person daily. I’ve been blessed for the past ten years with a best friend and lover. He’s all I wished I could be! So my life has been a long journey. I gave birth to four beautiful baby girls. All grown, on their own and have nothing to do with me. But inevitably we all have lived, loved,laughed and cried. Every parent wants better for their children then they had, in that regard I succeeded. Regrets? Waste of a emotion, it does nothing for you. I choose to be who I am, on a daily basis. It doesn’t mean I don’t truly miss some people. But I’d rather spend time with the people who truly do care and make me happy.
The song Wild Fire sounds like me or my life.