John and all those I’ve lost. Gone from living to the dead.

How does your loving God allow low such ungodly pain?

Not just for me, but all of the human race? Knowing I will Never hear your voice or see your face again?

I’m so alone and afraid, yes afraid to be so alone. Those I love still breathing do not return the unconditional love I have for them. I found love after you my Moe, he dosent feel the same. Guess it’s why it’s called unconditional. Still it’d be nice, to be a wife again.

But such a loving God has left me here on earth, alone without a partner to share life’s UPS and downs. I’m not young anymore. Instead of wiser I feel a fool. My life feels so meaningless, struggling without purpose.

I can count on one hand the people I trust, but fewer still those that’d understand. I know now why babies die from lack of human touch. How happy I’d be, to be in the arms of someone I love, knowing accepting all that’s left inside of me. At the moment I see no possibilities.

Will I die here alone without ever feeling what my heart cries for? Does it even matter anymore?

Poems And Words

Every day new people come into our lives, filling our days with special moments and things. Some people stay for longer than others, but without a doubt all of them come with different and new experiences. These moments stay with you throughout life, seeing that with these people you live the most beautiful, even crazy, moments of your life. All of these things come from one person: our partner, our boyfriend/girlfriend, or wife/husband because we’re totally sure that we want to be with this person for the most time possible. However, sometimes certain setbacks come along, and we have to get away from these people. In the end, we always have the memories of those moments, of those special touches that leave their mark on our hearts forever, things that are impossible to negate and that we miss like crazy. Sometimes love goes unappreciated, their loss.